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X Factor Fashion 2014: Fleur East in red dress

Wearing bespoke Suzanne Neville, Fleur East wowed audiences with her dramatic performance of thriller on Saturday nights X Factor ‘Fright Night’ Halloween Special.

Suzanne and team created the striking red dress with only days to spare when stylist Gemma Sheppard approached Suzanne to help with the outfit..from sketch to stage in just a matter of days. The striking ensamble was worn over a layex dress which was painted with acrylics and decorated with red beading and Swarovski crystals – for a dramatic on-stage change towards the end of the song.

Fleur East, without a doubt, stole the show thanks to her incredible interpretation of Michael Jackson’s Thriller – Louis Walsh even described it as the most amazing performance he’s ever seen on the show.

Gemma actually started the creation of Fleur’s outfit last Sunday night, straight after the live shows then approached Suzanne later on in the week – to create the beautiful couture over gown.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the look, Gemma explained: ‘Like the original video, we wanted ‎to create the gruesome change, so she opened the song in a bespoke Suzanne Neville gown.’ In the week – in between public appearances and singing rehearsals – Fleur visited Suzanne’s boutique on Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge for a fitting. The result? An elegantly crafted silk chiffon gown that fit like a glove.

“Just as MJ looks like the perfect preppy teenager in the original video, I wanted Fleur to look a vision in exquisite couture,” comments Gemma.

Suzanne took inspiration from past Dior Haute Couture collections and in a matter of days the gown was created. The gown was made up of a corseted bodice with a red chiffon and silk ruffled skirt.

The Suzanne Neville gown, worn over the top of the flesh dress, was held together with velcro so it was easy for the big reveal on stage – and it certainly didn’t disappoint the judges. Fleur, too, said that it was her ‘favourite performance ever’ and no doubt her dramatic costume helped.

‘Thriller was a huge act for her to take on and I wanted to support her with two incredible looks.’ Gemma