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Luxury Shoe Designer Aruna Seth visits Suzanne Neville

Beautiful luxury shoe designer Aruna Seth, visited our Flagship store last month in search for her dream dress for her stunning wedding in Lake Como, Italy.

With so many brides all over the world having to postpone their dream weddings, we talked to Aruna on how she has dealt with having to potentially postpone her July wedding.

Aruna, how are you feeling about your wedding plans?

“Optimistic actually – I know this is only temporary and we will get back to normal life soon. Taking it day by day and having a positive outlook has really helped! I was already ahead of schedule with organising the wedding so I am thankful for that.”

How has your venue and suppliers dealt with the situation?

“My wedding planners have been super helpful – (Savvy event studio in Italy). We had a call a few days ago and agreed to make a final decision mid April whether to postpone or keep the July date. They have already started reaching out to the hotels and our chosen villa, letting them know we potentially may change the date. Plus airlines and hotels are being very flexible with changing dates for guests already booked! So i’m very happy about that! I am optimistic July will be fine!

We loved seeing you at the boutique last month, do you have a favourite dress yet?

“Yes I do! I have a few actually, it’s so hard at SN! I absolutely love the ‘Flores’ dress. Once I tried it on it was more breathtaking than I had imagined!”

You’re having more than one dress/wedding outfit can you let us know anything more about this?

“It will be quite a few dresses and quite a few shoes! That’s all I can say now!”

And most importantly, how will you decide which shoes to wear?

“I am lucky enough to have a wide choice- so it will all depend on which dresses I go for!”

Aruna Seth x
Photographer/Videographer – Muse Motion Productions
MUA – Jennifer Jane MUA
Savvy Events Studio