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Jaqueline Jossa marries Dan Osborne in Suzanne Neville

Bride Jacqueline Jossa wedding to Dan Osborne in a beautiful country manor house in Cheshire. With thanks to OK magazine who covered the Wedding exclusively, with beautiful photographs and commentary throughout the day.

Jacqueline wore a bespoke Suzanne Neville gown based on the ‘Matisse’ style from the Suzanne Neville Portrait Collection. The dress has a long sleeved corded lace jacket with hand sewn beading to accentuate the detail. The jacket sits over a strapless dress with fitted corset, petal shaped neckline and beaded belt. Jaqueline created two very different looks for the day and evening with the classic lace jacket for the wedding ceremony and the more glamorous strapless look for the party afterwards.

Jacqueline told OK magazine about her dress…

‘I tried one dress, which was figure-hugging and a fishtail design, and one of my friends commented on how good my bum looked in it. She was being complimentary but I was put off as I didn’t want my bum to be the first thing people looked at on my wedding day – I wanted it to be my face! I also realised I couldn’t really move in it and I wanted to know I’d be able to pick up Ella like I usually do.

Eight months later I ended up going for the dress I wore. It didn’t look like anything on the hanger, but as soon as I put it on I thought, oh my God, yes! Ella was with me and she was being a bit ratty but when she saw me in it she stopped and walked up to the back of it, pulled it out at the back and said: ‘That’s better.’ I started crying as I thought it was so cute. I knew that was the dress I wanted. I was telling the designer on my final fitting that she was amazing and like the Fairy Godmother and I felt like Cinderella!’

Interview by Annabel Zammit  |  Additional reporting by Kirsty Hatcher
Photographs by Tony ward and Gemma Ward