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We spoke to our amazing flagship store florist, Maison De Fleurs about the inspiration behind creating our stunning window displays season on season, tips for our brides for their bouquets and their wedding day flowers, what blooms they recommend for each season and their favourite wedding displays.

You have created beautiful window displays for our flagship Knightsbridge store for the last year and a half now. How do you come up with the inspiration for each design?

We start by looking at the most recent Suzanne Neville Collection and take inspiration from there. We then fit it around the season that we are dressing the window for.
Inspiration may be a small flower detail on a dress or an entire colour scheme that will start the design process. Or even a wedding, such as a ceremony in Italy under a pergola of lilac wisteria (last years window) or an English country wedding in a meadow of wild flowers.

Please talk us through each window look and the construction process.

Last year’s wisteria window was a favourite of ours, we mixed different shades of faux wisteria to create a really natural, growing look. First we built two tree trunks either side using natural bark and monkey vines, then we secured real branches with wire and cable ties to attach faux foliage branches and wisteria. We finished this off with faux ivy growing up the tree and some natural moss.
For winter Suzanne Neville had the most incredible dress in the window, it was a beautiful ball gown covered in the finest sparkle – immediately we wanted to create a winter wonderland scene around it. All white birch twigs with white ivy, covered with warm white fairy lights to really show off the dress.
For Spring this year Suzanne Neville have a beautiful delicate veil with flower details on it, alongside a yellow gown in the window. We wanted to reflect a luxurious Spring/Summer look in the flowers. We visualised them in a elegant garden surrounded by hydrangea’s in full bloom. We used two birch trees on either side and filled the top of the window with creamy white full bloom hydrangeas and ivy.

Can you tell us where a bride should start when planning flowers for her wedding?

Every bride has a favourite flower and colour they want to incorporate into their wedding. We strive to make that possible for everyone!
1) Always work with the season – what flowers are available. Flowers are at their best when in season and more reasonably priced!
2) Choose a colour pallet – it doesn’t need to be one colour, it can be a collection of colours that you love.
3) Share all aspect of your wedding day with your florist, send them a picture of the dress, maybe even arrange a site visit to the venue. It all helps creating the story you want the flowers to tell.

Can you recommend some seasonal bouquets for our brides?

Lily of the valley – a classic bouquet for spring weddings, it never dates and the scent is heavenly (also a favourite with royals)
Peonies for early summer- no explanation needed!
Garden roses for summer – all shades.
Dahlias (cafe au lait) and neutral coloured roses for autumn.
Hellebores for a winter bouquet.

Can you tell us about some of the flowers you’ve designed from your favourite weddings?

A favourite wedding bouquet of ours is a wired teardrop of gardenias, roses, Jasmin, dendrobium orchid heads and autumnal eucalyptus. The brides mother had sadly passed away and she wanted something of her mother’s with her on the day. So we carefully wired her mothers favourite brooch to the ribbon on the handle of the bouquet so only she could see and touch it.

We would love to know how the business started, please give us a brief history.

Since launching in 2011, our florists have grown and developed into a world class creative team. In 2015 one of our clients was so impressed by the quality of the team’s work that she took over the reins of the company, helping Maison de Fleurs to become the success it is today.
Maison de Fleurs is a global floral design studio with a deep-rooted knowledge of horticulture; flowers are selected for every occasion to the highest standard and quality. Have worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands, and some of the most renowned international venues, Maison de Fleurs have placed themselves among the top tiers of floristry.
When decorating the world’s most opulent homes, incorporating flowers into a London Fashion Week show, dressing glamorous international weddings or private parties, Maison de Fleurs treats every request with the same level of customer care, passion and creativity. From the simplest vase of peonies to an entire house of flowers, Maison de Fleurs are the leading trendsetter in the floral industry.

How are you coping with Covid-19? 

It’s such a difficult time for everyone, we are trying to stay as positive and make sure our social media page is a place of colour and fun! Spring is one of our favourite times of year so we are encouraging people to take pictures when they are out on their daily walk and send us pictures of the flowers they spot. We are staying in close contact with our clients and suppliers and using our time as creativity break to come up with new ideas.
Top Tip!

Don’t rule out faux flowers, we use the finest faux flowers on the market and they truly are amazing, mixed with fresh foliage they can allow you to have an out of season wedding and are less wasteful!

All dresses featured in our window displays are available at our Knightsbridge showroom.
Hope with Poppy Veil
Montana  & bespoke yellow evening gown.

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