Interview with Suzanne Neville

Fashion Insider – Interview with Suzanne Neville

Suzanne Neville is the go-to designer for fabulous figure- fixing corsetry, but what else is there to know about the lady who dresses the A-list?

suzanne_suzannenevilleDescribe your signature style.
I’m mostly known for my corsetry. My dresses are classic with a modern twist and a bit of red carpet glamour.

How has your style evolved over the years?
My dresses have evolved naturally as the styles of brides have changed and by my use of new fabrics. Girls have become happier showing off a bit more flesh and are more confident in following trends with their wedding dresses now my gowns have become more body-conscious, really enhancing the female figure.

What do you enjoy about being a designer?
It is great being creative but I also love the technical side, looking at the engineering, the structure and the pattern cutting.

What’s your biggest achievement to date?
The fact that I love what I do and for the business to be 20 years old and still to be strong with shops in Knightsbridge, Chelsea arid Guildford, as well as selling internationally with a wonderful team – is amazing. It is an achievement that so many brides choose my dresses, especially in such a large market and that I’m a part of their special day. I am also very proud that we have remained absolutely and totally British, providing jobs and supporting this country as well as keeping everything handmade in our workshops.

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What or who inspires you and why?
Fabrics play a huge part, I fall in love fabrics and want to make dresses with them immediately. I don’t tend to look at history books but who is wearing hat now. I keep an eye on the red carpet and trends in magazines.

suzanne nevilleWhat can’t you live without?

My black Bic pen, which use for sketching and pattern work. Diet Coke to keep me going and my pens.

Where is your haven and why?
My pattern cutting tablet! I am married but I am also married to my job and with so much to do, it’s not very often have an uninterrupted day of pattern cutting. I also love being at home with my family, outside in the garden in lovely sunshine listening to the children playing.

Where do you love to travel to?
Barcelona because I love Gaudi and his architecture and New York because of buzz. For a holiday with the family, anywhere hot with a lovely hotel is great – but I don’t get the chance to get away much!

What do you never leave home without?
My children who I drop off at school every morning! And my mascara.

What made your own wedding special?
Everything was wonderful but what I cherished most was actually getting married.

Suzanne Neville Wedding Highclere CastleWhat would you do differently if you were to do it all over again?
I would plan it a bit better and allow myself more time. In the run up to my wedding, I was making a dress for Katherine Jenkins’ appearance the Albert Hall so that came first. I was so busy that I was still making my own dress two days before. It is still the dress I would choose to wear but it would have been nice to spend some more time on it.

What’s your dream wedding theme?
I love winter weddings as they can be very romantic and glamorous black tie dos too. The bride’s personality and style, the friends and family who are guests and so many different details make each wedding unique.

What Is the biggest mistake a bride can make while planning her day?
Apart from choosing the wrong man, they should forget about stressing over all the little things and enjoy their day. Some girls who come in are very laid back about their wedding but so many others are caught up in every little detail.

What’s your top up for brides-to-be?
Do me research before you go shopping, by looking in magazines, on the internet or at different designers. Fine tune it down to a few designers and even then only try only a couple of gowns in any one day or u can become blinded by ivory dresses and overwhelmed by it all. When going for your trying-on sessions, don’t let the people with you sway your decision.

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