Camilla Sacre-Dallerrup | celebrity wedding dresses by designer Suzanne Neville

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Camilla Dallerup & Kevin Sacre invite us to witness their magical nuptials on the Island of Ibiza, joined by their ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Hollyoaks’ friends.

As the sun began to sink behind the cliffs overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean, the idyllic wedding of dancer and TV presenter Camilla Dallerup and actor Kevin Sacre reached its most solemn moment In the grounds of the Amante Beach Club, set in one of the most beautiful coves in Ibiza, the handsome couple made their marriage vows.

Camilla Sacre-Dallerrup | celebrity beach wedding dresses by designer Suzanne Neville

‘My world wasn’t complete until today’ – The groom. ‘Today is joyous’ – The bride.

For Kevin, the day was the inevitable outcome of a romance which began two years ago when they both took part in reality TV programme The Underdog Show. From their first date he knew he was in it “for the long haul”.

“Camilla brought out the best in me,” he told HELLO!, invited to cover the happy event exclusively. “She’s like a planet — she has her own gravitational pull and brings everything together. I love everything about her and it seems the most natural thing in the world to be getting married.”

Camilla Sacre-Dallerrup | celebrity beach wedding dresses by designer Suzanne Neville

Camilla and Kevin take their vows overlooking the sea. During the service they exchange sweet nothings (below left) and exchange rings (below) – a Tiffany platinum band for Camilla, and a brushed white gold ring by Christian Bauer from Mappin & Webb Manchester for Kevin

Fashionably late, the Danish-born bride, wearing a huge smile and carrying a cascading bouquet of white orchids, arrives on the arm of dad Benni to walk down the aisle – a patch of petal-strewn sand among the rocks. Appropriately enough, the entrance music was the Prince of Denmark’s March.

Danish-born Camilla, who is as lively and excitable as Kevin is calm and laid back, described their relationship as “yin and yang”. “Marrying Kevin feels perfect,” she said. “It’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. He makes me chill out. Leave work behind.”

Camilla Sacre-Dallerrup | celebrity beach wedding dresses by designer Suzanne Neville

‘I welled up, but managed to catch myself just in time. Camilla looked unbelievable’

Neither bride nor groom wanted a traditional wedding, and chose Ibiza not only for its spiritual and peaceful qualities, but also because it was here that they went on their first holiday together, just weeks after meeting. Almost two years later, they wanted to return and share their joyous day with nearly 100 of their closest friends and family. “We’ve got some lovely friends, and they’ve all got a story with us and have been part of something special in our life,” said Camilla.

Among those who had travelled to the island to celebrate were Camilla’s former co-stars on Strictly Come Dancing, including Erin Boag, whose own wedding last year in southern Italy was an inspiration. Also there were dancers Darren Bennett and his wife Lilia Kopylova, whom Camilla has known since she was 16, her professional dancing “husband” Ian Waite and previous Strictly contestants Mark Foster and Peter Schmeichel. Kevin had invited his fellow Hollyoaks stars Carley Stenson, Gemma Bissix and Melissa Walton, as well as Emmerdale actor James Sutton.

The bride and groom had begun their preparations that afternoon at the luxurious Hotel Aguas de Ibiza, where they had been staying. While Camilla enjoyed the camaraderie of her bridesmaids — her sister Jeanet, her close friend Andrea Nash and Jeanet’s daughter (and Camila’s niece) Michela, who was the flower girl — Kevin was trying to relax in the separate suite where he’d spent the night.

“For someone who doesn’t get nervous, I was very apprehensive,” he confessed. Luckily his lively four-year-old pageboy, Nathan, the son of Kevin’s best man (and cousin) Jonathan Cherry, was on hand to cause a distraction.

Camilla Sacre-Dallerrup | celebrity beach wedding dresses by designer Suzanne Neville

The new Mr and Mrs Sacre-Dallerup — the couple are taking each other’s names — walk down the aisle in a shower of rose petals and rice. Minister Anna Brooks had told them: “If times ever get rough… remember how full all our hearts are at this moment… and let these memories inspire you”

As the day started to cool and a light sea breeze blew in, the wedding guests arrived at the venue having been taken on a magical mystery tour — the location had been kept secret. They were led down a staircase decked with white organza and decorated with exquisite posies of white and coral roses and hydrangea to a veranda while a guitarist and singer serenaded them with Spanish ballads.

As they took their seats for the service Kevin stood anxiously waiting at the rose-covered gazebo which housed the altar. He knew the moment he first saw his bride walking do the aisle would be a special one. “She’s going to look stunning so I just hope my knees don’t buckle and I pass out,” he joked beforehand. “Face planted in sand is not a good look.”


Camilla, of course, didn’t disappoint. Having spent most of her professional life dressing up and not, as she firmly described herself, a “fairytale” sort of girl, she was convinced she’d choose a wedding dress without a bead, sequin or sparkle in sight. But in the end, her stunning ivory tulle gown with ruffles, designed by Suzanne Neville, was embellished with hand-embroidered crystal and pearl beads which glittered in the light. Her cathedral-length veil was scattered with tiny Swarovski crystals and even her shoes had rhinestones.

Like any bride worth her salt, she kept her groom waiting. After the bridesmaids had made their entrance, there was a timely pause that fuelled Kevin’s already fraught nerves. “She’s done a runner,” he joked with the lively congregation. “We love you Kevin!” a friend shouted encouragingly from the back. Then as the first strains of the Prince of Denmark s March began, a radiant Camilla appeared on the arm of her father Benni, who walked her down the aisle to join her groom.

Camilla Sacre-Dallerrup | celebrity beach wedding dresses by designer Suzanne Neville

‘This is beautiful, it’s a lovely atmosphere, the sun’s going down and Camilla is very happy’ — Erin Boag

The newlyweds raise a glass of Freixenet cava with the Strictly Come Dancing crowd: Erin Boag, Ian Waite, who is the bride’s professional dancing partner, Lilia Kopylova — a friend of Camilla’s since she was 16 – and Lilia’s husband Darren Bennett

Camilla Sacre-Dallerrup | celebrity beach wedding dresses by designer Suzanne Neville

The bride’s sister and bridesmaid Jeanet niece and flower girl Michela, parents Jytte and Benni and the groom’s mother Jackie, father Adrian, cousin and best man Jonathan Cherry with his pageboy so Nathan, and Camilla’s other bridesmaid, her close friend Andrea Nash.

“I welled up, but managed to catch myself just in time,” Kevin explained later. “She looked unbelievable.”

“I was so excited, I just kept giggling,” admitted Camilla. “But I couldn’t look at my mum, or Kevin’s mum, as I knew I would have cried. I had to take some deep breaths.”

Camilla Sacre-Dallerrup | celebrity beach wedding dresses by designer Suzanne Neville

Give us a lift: Helping Kevin support hi bride are the male Strictly Come Dancing guests — professional dancers lan Waite and Darren Bennett, standing between Olympic swimmer Mark Foster and footballer Peter Schmeichel, both former contestants.


They were joined by humanist minister Anna Brooks, an American who has made the island her home and who conducted a ceremony that was both moving and intimate. As the couple sat, smiling and whispering to each other with the soothing sound of the waves lapping the beach, Anna began by explaining that although Camilla and Kevin had been legally married a week earlier at Walton-on-Thames Register Office, this service was to “sanctif,” their wedding in the presence of their friends and family.

Camilla’s sister Jeanet and Kevin’s friend Nick Heath gave a reading from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling — a story both Camilla and Kevin loved as children. Taking turns to read a passage in English and Danish, it was a poignant and entertaining interlude.

Then, looking into each other’s eyes, the couple recited their traditional vows before exchanging rings. With whoops and cheers from the congregation the new Mr and Mrs Sacre-Dallerup — they had chosen to take each other’s names — walked down the aisle together, showered with rose petals and rice.

“It was as if no one else was there. But I wouldn’t have cared if there’d been a thousand people there, I was only going to look at her,” said Kevin, gazing over at his new wife. “My world wasn’t complete until today.”“I was feeling just a little bit too emotional but I wanted to enjoy today,” said Camilla. ‘Today is joyous.”

For Erin, Camilla’s close friend and fellow Strictly star, the service brought back “beautiful memories” of her own wedding a year ago. “I just wish them both the best — they’re a wonderful couple and deserve something wonderful. And this is beautiful,” she said. “It’s a lovely atmosphere, the sun’s going down and Camilla’s very happy. And doesn’t she look beautiful?”

“It’s the most perfect dress for Camilla,” agreed Lilia. “She’s so tiny, she’s the only woman in the world who could carry off those little frills.”
“I was holding up very well, right up to the point when they said, ‘You are now married,’ and I then cried,” said Ian, Camilla’s dancing partner of six years. “We’ve been through thick and thin so it’s lovely to see her so happy.”

As dusk fell and the candles flickered into life, guests sat down at tables for a feast of tapas and a mixed grill barbecue washed down with plenty of Freixenet cava.
Bucking tradition, speeches were given before rather than after dinner, so “everyone could relax”, explained Kevin, who promised to follow the three golden rules of giving a wedding speech: “Stand up, speak up and shut up!”

‘Camilla’s like a planet – she has her own gravitational pull and brings everything together. It seems the most natural thing in the world to be getting married’

Camilla Sacre-Dallerrup | celebrity beach wedding dresses by designer Suzanne Neville

Hollyoaks beauties Carley Stenson, Gemma Bissix and Mellisa Walton (above). “It’s lovely to see Kevin so happy,” said Gemma. “It makes me want to get married!” “It’s definitely given me a few ideas,” joked Carley. Emerdale’s James Sutton (left) said: “I’m quite jealous. If only I could meet a girl – that would be awesome!”


Camilla’s father Benni spoke in Danish, as her sister translated. Kevin then thanked him in Danish — “I hope I’ve said what I think I’ve said or I’ve just insulted my father-in- law,” he joked — and told Camilla: “I must be the luckiest man alive. I don’t think I could feel any happier than I do now knowing that your face will be the first and last thing I see every day.”

Among the messages read out from absent friends there was a special one from Strictly presenter Bruce Forsyth, who had written: “I do wish I was able to be with you on this very special day. I could have helped give the bride away with a song and dance number such as It Only Happens When I Dance With You, with the congregation swaying in the background.”

Following dinner there was another surprise as guests were treated to a performance by Lance Ellington from the Strictly band, who sang a medley of classics before introducing the couple to cut the cake. They then cleared the floor for their first dance to “their song”, Jason Mraz’s A Beautiful Mess, with Kevin unable to resist whisking his bride up into his arms and twirling her around. The DJ later took over for a night of dancing.

The bride and groom had cleared the decks work-wise for both the wedding and their honeymoon, when they’ll spend ten luxurious days in the Maldives. Kevin finished filming his final episodes as Jake Dean in Hollyoaks in June and is looking forward to what the future holds. “It’s quite nice because it’s the first time I’ve ever had a gap in my schedule,” he said.

Camilla, who left Strictly Come Dancing almost two years ago after winning the competition with actor Tom Chambers, is keen to pursue a career in TV presenting. “Dancing will always be part of my life, and I’ll carry on performing with Ian [Waite] in the autumn,” she said. “But I’d like to make a serious career out of presenting because I’m passionate about people and I love it.”

For now, though, she was happy just to enjoy her wedding. “It’s always been about work, work, work, and we wanted to go away, get married, have our honeymoon and start our life together.”

As the night drew to a close Camilla, who had changed from her wedding gown into another stunning Suzanne Neville dress for dancing, reflected on what had been the most important day of her life, “I honestly can’t believe how time has flown,” she said. “It’s been a wonderful day and I’ll probably wake up tomorrow and want to do it all again.”

Camilla Sacre-Dallerrup | celebrity beach wedding dresses by designer Suzanne Neville

Cutting the three-tiered cake and twirling around during their first dance’ . Kevin had refused to perform anything overly choreographed. “Everyone’s going to be expecting it but it’s not going to happen “ he said. Dancing later in the night, with Camilla in her second Suzanne Neville’ dress of the wedding.

‘It’s been a wonderful day. I’ll probably wake up tomorrow and want to do it all again’

Camilla Sacre-Dallerrup | celebrity beach wedding dresses by designer Suzanne Neville

“Thank you so much for all your help, and for making me the most beautiful wedding dress which made me feel very special on our magical day”

Photography – Michael Daines