Wedding Dresses by Suzanne Neville

Songbird Collection 2016 HM Tower Of London
Suzanne Neville Unveils the 2016 ‘Songbird’ Collection at HM Tower of London

Last month saw Suzanne Neville showcase her 2016 Songbird collection with an exclusive event at HM Tower of London. The exclusive three day show gave Buyers and Press from all over the world the chance to preview the collection before its launch in September. The three day event was a huge success and we can’t wait to show you the new 40 piece collection. Here is a little behind the scenes peek….> More info

champagne wedding dresses and bridal gowns by Suzanne Neville
Champagne Wedding Dresses

Looking for something a little different to wear on your wedding day? Choose a coloured wedding dress that will make you look and feel radiant. Champagne Wedding Dresses are the epitome of elegance which adds a distinct new beauty to a wedding day. > More info

Suzanne Neville | Royal Collection 2011 Designer Bridal Gowns - Virtue
Bridal Gowns by Suzanne Neville

Suzanne’s Bridal Gallery of her most popular Bridal Gowns shown through photography of some of our leading fashion photographers. Each of the bridal gowns are shown on the page in full colour, high quality photographs to show off her exquisite bridal gowns detailing.
> More info