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Designer Bridal Gowns for Real Brides by Suzanne Neville - Dresses for Weddings
Danielle Smith

“I cannot describe the feeling I had when putting on my Suzanne Neville creation on my wedding day. I cannot thank Suzanne and her Wilmslow team enough for their amazing service and help and for making me a truly special and breathtaking dress.”

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Maria Mazikova

“THANK YOU so much for making me the best wedding dress ever, and being so professional. I was so happy to wear it on my wedding day. It was so easy to look stunning in such a beatiful dress”

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Emma Livingstone

“Suzanne and her Wilmslow team made me feel every bit of the fairytale princess that I wanted to be on the big day. Selecting the dress itself was easy – the Alexandra dress was perfect for my Ibizan wedding.”
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Claire Brocklehurst

“From the service to the dress itself Suzanne Neville and her team were fantastic. I had never realised how amazing the perfect wedding dress could make you feel, i just loved it and it made me feel like a princess. The Pefect Dress for a Perfect Day.”
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Steph Mekwuye

“I wanted something different, special and timeless. We mixed and matched ideas until we came up with this beautiful design. When I received it, it was labelled Stephanie special I felt like me on my wedding day. Happy, graceful and thankful”
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Laura Chambers

“Thank you for making me such a wonderful wedding dress. I had an awesome day, made even better by the fact that people kept complimenting me on ‘one of the best dresses they¹d ever seen.”
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Katie Davidson

“Suzanne and her team are experts in putting you at ease, helping you choose the perfect gown and making you feel like a million dollars. It didn’t take me long once Suzanne had picked out “the dress” for me! My gown was exquisite in fit, detail and quality – I really couldn’t have asked for anything more”
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